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Truck builds

  1. Reloaded article from the old website: KOH 2012

    KOH 2012

    KOH 2012 was GREAT!  We finished 12th overall out of a field of 137.  We're really hungry for a top 10 but this is our best finish yet and we can see the top from here.  We have pictures and comments on our Facebook page HERE.
    There are also some good pics on our photobucket page HERE.
    GoPro video of our qualifying run with a good near rollover HERE.
    GoPro video of the first 2 hours of our race HERE


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  2. Re-loaded "Our 4x4s" from the old website: Cheap Truck

    Below is the build thread on Cheap Truck from our old website!


    One piece of advice we often throw out for anyone building a truck on a budget is to pick up someone else's truck or even just an abandoned project.  You can get a great deal on some good parts that way, or even pick up a complete running truck that just needs some tuning to get it dialed in.  Just to prove the point, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and now we have our "Cheap Truck".

    We actually had a local guy come to the shop to tell us about this truck he was selling because he was moving, hadn't used it in years and just needed it gone.  It's a '74 long bed 3/4-T with a fresh GM 350 (335hp maybe?),...

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  3. Re-loaded "Our 4x4s" from the old website: Burly Burb

    Below is the build thread on Burly Burb from our old website!

    This buildup runs in chronographic order, the earliest mods at the top and the latest mods at the end.

    Our green K5 has been getting a little bit biased toward trail use, so when it came time to pick up a general purpose traveling, camping, fourwheeling truck, we ended up with this '88 Suburban.  Now that 3 kids are part of the general traveling package, the full size rear doors are great to have and the cavernous interior means we can carry all the people and gear we need, and sleep in the truck too.

    The overall goal is to leave it low enough to get decent gas mileage,...

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  4. Re-loaded "Our 4x4s" from the old website: Wally

    Below is the build thread on Wally from our old website!


    Wally, our K5, morphed again. This time in response to a bent and twisted front axle housing, a desire for better side clearance, a bunch of bent up metal and of course a desire to improve performance.


    Here it is on the trail in Poteau:



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  5. Re-loaded "Our 4x4s" from the old website: Cousin WIllard

    Below is the build thread on Cousin Willard from our old website!

    Cousin Willard


    Cousin Willard started life at ORD as a battered

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  6. Throw back build thread of the UA2500 from the old Pirate4x4 days

    Below is the original text from the build thread copy and pasted here. Some of the text might not make much sense since some of the conversation is missing. To find the whole thread check out HERE

    Also you can find the parts we used HERE

    Now the only thing left in the truck is the long block.:shaking:
    We actually shopped a little for this truck, we wanted the 88-98 type body style with the big block and after our recent headaches with 4L80's we really wanted the NV4500. Plus I've never wheeled a properly set up truck (low geared) with a manual so it'll be fun driving something different. We wanted a running driving truck so that we wouldn't be building an engine...

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