Reloaded article from the old website: KOH 2012

KOH 2012

KOH 2012 was GREAT!  We finished 12th overall out of a field of 137.  We're really hungry for a top 10 but this is our best finish yet and we can see the top from here.  We have pictures and comments on our Facebook page HERE.
There are also some good pics on our photobucket page HERE.
GoPro video of our qualifying run with a good near rollover HERE.
GoPro video of the first 2 hours of our race HERE

We'll update this page more as we go but that's a LOT of material to check out along with our build threads in some of the links below.

Pretty familiar looking racer on that poster!  This is the official course map poster from the 2011 event, definitely an honor to be on that one!

On our way to KOH 2011 we stopped by Superior's warehouse in Las Vegas to pick up some of their chromoly 14 bolt shafts.  They're awesome, Mac said they had to really work on them to make a shaft significantly better than stock and they did it. 

Here's Wally pre-running the course:

New LED light bar from Baja Designs on the race car:

Getting ready to run the course again!

Click HERE to check out the great Pirate4x4 site for more race photos and info. Our buildup forums are on the Pirates site HERE (#4488)

e'd like to thank some of the parts suppliers that we've been working with for years and whose parts have been race and trail proven to be the toughest and best on the planet.  That's why we're using 'em on this race buggy and offer 'em in our online catalog!

King Shocks, Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts, Bighorn Graphics, Premier Power Welder, Trail Ready Wheels, PSC Steering, Light Force Lights, Amsoil, Crane steering knuckles, and Stage 8 Locking Fasteners. 

Click HERE for more about how we transformed our King of the Hammers "General Lee" to take on 1000 miles of BAAAAD desert.

For interviews with Brandon and Stephen by the amazing Charlene of the Pirate 4x4's live race coverage forum, click HERE, then click "Wednesday Contingency" and scroll down to 2:19 for more.

Click HERE for Robin Stover of Fourwheeler magazine's excellent blogs and pics.  He co-drove part of the race! 

Click HERE for more Pirates 4x4 forums about the race.