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Fourwheeler Articles

  1. Four Wheeler Article Reid Knuckles with ORD Steering Arms

    Check out this old article from Four Wheeler on our steering arms with Reid Knuckles

    Written by Jordan Jones May 1, 2009

    Link to original article HERE 

    The Dana 44 and the closely related 10-Bolt are two of the most commonly used front axles around. It comes as no surprise that the aftermarket provides such a multitude of readily-available upgrades. We've got a few of these axles under trucks ourselves- one in particular that needed some steering help. And being that our axle is under a '73-'87 Chevy, the factory steering system guiding that axle can become inadequate when suspension travel is increased. The stock GM design uses a draglink that runs parallel with the frame, correctly following the path that the leaf springs take the axle when compressing and rebounding. This is

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  2. Past 4x4 articles we had on our old website

    Below are some old magazine articles that we had on our website:

    We're grateful ( and kinda proud, too) that the major four-wheel drive magazines have included us in their pages, on their TV shows and videos so many times over the years.

    Below: Our green monster made the 4WOR cover!

    It gives us the idea that ORD products and our particular brand of 'wheelin wackiness must be on the right track!

    This is where we'll share some of our magazine coverage - features on our rigs, plus tech and installation articles involving our products.  Check out the first samples by clicking...

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  3. FOURWHEELERS article on a 72 K5 with coilovers and magnum 205!

    View orginal article HERE

    This Vintage 1972 K5 Blazer Has All the Right Hardware

    LS-Powered, 1-Ton K5

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  4. FOURWHEELER's article on Eddie Loomis's K5 blazer! Links, Magnum, and custom springs

    Original article can be found HERE


    This 1984 Chevy K5 Blazer Goes Anywhere, Almost

    Eddie Loomis brought his K5 to Hammertown, and check out what he’s done with the cargo area.

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