1973-1991 GM Lift Kits

1973-1991 GM/Chevy Lift Kits

We offer several different options of lift kits for this generation of truck, budget, standard, or custom leaf spring kits as well as full coilover conversion kits. Each of our lift kits let you pick and choose options to customize your build or purchase individual parts as you need them. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any of our kits.

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Our budget spring lift kits includes Zone Offroad springs and is our lowest cost option. If you want to get a lift under your truck now with some HD parts to support it and have upgrade options later, this is a great option

Standard Spring Lift Kit

Our standard spring lift kit includes several off the shelf spring brand options and can be customized from 2-12" of lift.

Custom Spring Lift Kit

Our custom spring lift kit includes springs that are designed and built specific to your truck to provide improved ride quality and increased wheel travel. For the squarebody 73-91 trucks we build these kits for 2-7" of lift.

Our 4-link coilover conversion kits are the ultimate in ride quality and performance. Whether you are doing a restoration or building a rock crawler, the coilover kits can be built customized to meet your needs. You can choose to do the coilover conversion in the front suspension only and maintain leaf springs in the rear for a more cost effective build and still gain much of the ride quality and performance or go all out with our 4-link setup front and back.

Front Coilover Conversion Kits

Rear Coilover Conversion Kits