Below are some old magazine articles that we had on our website:

We're grateful ( and kinda proud, too) that the major four-wheel drive magazines have included us in their pages, on their TV shows and videos so many times over the years.

Below: Our green monster made the 4WOR cover!

It gives us the idea that ORD products and our particular brand of 'wheelin wackiness must be on the right track!

This is where we'll share some of our magazine coverage - features on our rigs, plus tech and installation articles involving our products.  Check out the first samples by clicking the small pictures at the left and below.  They're from the 4Wheel & Off-Road's Ultimate Adventures in 2006 and 2007.  And be sure to check out for more great event coverage, and to subscribe if you don't already get this great mag!

We had a great time on the Ultimate Adventures in 2006 and 2007, and we look forward to lots more in the future!  Click the small pics below and look for the GREEEEEN!


John Hughbanks' amazing Bronco on the cover above is packed with ORD hardware. 


The 2006 Adventure was so Ultimate
that Petersen's devoted two issues to it!
Go to and enter
2006 Ultimate Adventure in the search box
to see both complete articles.

Click the small pics for larger views. 




We're proud to have been featured in this ad
 for great 'wheeling action!

Click the small pic for larger view.


Does this make us famous or INFAMOUS in Japan?  They seemed to be having a great time when they were here, but we can't read what they wrote, sooo...  Anyway, we're happy that they devoted 12 pages to the ORD shop, our Blazer and the 'wheeling we did on 21 Road near Grand Junction, CO.  Here are a few samples...





Here are a couple of samples from a 6-page feature in the Winter 2006 issue of the great new mag, Dirt Trucks.