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Black Truck ORD Parts List

Black Truck ORD Parts List

Cummins K30 ORD Parts List

Cummins K30 ORD Parts List

UA 2500 ORD Parts List

We are often asked "What parts should I use to build my truck?"

What better way to answer this question than to show a parts list on our personal rigs!

This is the run down for our shop truck named "UA 2500"


It is a 1999 Sierra 2500, 6" Lift, 40" tires, 4.88 gears, Vortec 454, NV4500, Magnum-Ford NP205, 1978-79 Ford Dana 60 front with ARB locker front, 14 Bolt Full Float with ARB locker rear. 

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UA 2500 ORD Parts List
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ORD Custom Front Springs
88-98 Solid Axle Conversion Kit, 32 Spring Pad Width Using AFTERMARKET 47 Chevy Front Springs
Kevlar Main Eye Spring Bushing Kit for Aftermarket Front Springs, '67-87 (91) GM Trucks, Greasable
ORD Custom Rear Springs
2 Link Traction Bar Kit For 52
Kevlar 6
ORD Spec Hydraulic Assist Kit, O-Ring Pump/Reservoir w/#12 Feed #8 Return, '88-98 GMT400 Steering Gear, 1-3/4
Ford Dana 60 Crossover Steering System for '88-'98 GM Trucks, 3-7
HD Tie Rod With ORD HD Ends for 77.5-79 Ford D44 and D60 Using ORD Tie Rod Ends, 52.5
Long Wheel Studs for 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Vehicle brakeline kit for '88-00 GMT400 trucks, 3/8
Brakeline Kit for 14 Bolt Rear Disc Kit: Stainless Braided Lines 10mm Banjo
ARB D60 differential cover, red
ARB air locker for GM 14 bolt 10.5 Inch FF, 30 spline, 4.10-
ARB air locker for D60, 35 spline, 4.10-
Ford NP205 Machined  Shift Rails
Triple Stick Magnum Shifter
Magnum Underdrive System, GM Transmission, Ford NP205
Pair of Weld on Spring Perches for GM, Corp 14 Bolt 3- 3/8
Yukon '77-79 Ford D60 35 Spline Axle Kit, 4340 Chromoly, with Yukon Super Joints
Yukon 35 Spline Locking Hubs, Internal Style, Fits GM and Ford Dana 60 and 92-93 Dodge
Yukon 4.88 ratio thick ring & pinion for reverse spiral high pinion Dana 60
Yukon 4.88 ratio thick style ring & pinion for 10.5

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UA 2500 ORD Parts List
UA 2500 ORD Parts List

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    Our 1999 UA 2500 is a extremely reliable work horse that has been on many Ultimate Adventure trip. One of the more recent trips was in Alaska. The truck made the round trip from Colorado to wheeling in Alaska with no problems at all. 

    The simplistic combo of Manual transmission, Magnum 205, and Custom leaf springs makes this Truck ready to hop in and explore any time! 

    We are running 40" Nitto tires with Trail Ready Beadlocks on a 1978-1979 Ford Dana 60 and corporate 14 bolt. The axles have been upgraded with ARB airlockers and the 60 has Yukon Chromoly goodies

    The suspension has been upgraded with our Solid axle swap and Custom front and rear (64") springs. We kept the stock tension style shackle and added a longer 6" Super shackle to take advantage of some free droop travel. To get traction to the ground without sacrificing any flex we added one of our two link traction bar kits. 

    Like always we are running our crossover steering, HD tie rod, and ORD spec hydro assist to ensure the truck gets full lock to lock steering and can handle big boulders. 

    If you want to check out the build thread check out HERE!

    For some of the custom details, the frame was shortened and a trail bed was built to help with tighter obstacles. For safety and to add more rigidity a cage was added along with some sliders. Overall this truck can handle a lot of abuse and still keep kicking.