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6" HD Rear Super Shackles Only, with Greasable Shackle Bushings


6" Xtreme Travel Rear Shackles Only, No Bushings

HD Rear Super Shackles with Greasable Rear Spring Bushings for GM Trucks

As low as $199.00
HD Rear Super Shackles with Greasable Rear Spring Bushings

After seeing some thrashed rear shackles, we decided a beefier system was in order.  These are folded and fully welded 1/4" steel with a .250 wall tube.  The back gusset is extended down the spring mounting "ears" to keep them from bending.  We also build them in different lengths for custom suspension applications. 

The "short" length is 4.5" center to center which is the same as a '88-'98 GM and 1/2" longer than a '67-'87 GM trucks.

These shackle works on any GM or other vehicle with 2.5" wide springs and spring hangers in either tension or compression shackle applications.

Install these HD rear shackles with the open side to the front to prevent contact with the main leaf of the spring.

With deeper arch springs (6" or more lift) use the longer shackles and a shorter shackle flip.  An example would be a 12" total lift would use the 2.5" shackle flip, a 6" HD rear shackle and the 8" lift spring.  The longer shackle length helps keep the shackle from inverting to the front or back.  There's nothing wrong with the 2.5" flip / 6" HD shackle combo for shorter lifts either but it's essential for taller springs.

Using stock length shackles with deep arch springs and a shackle flip can allow the shackles to flip the wrong direction, the fix is our longer 6" shackles.  The longer shackles keep the shackle from flipping forward and allow the spring to compress and stretch out naturally under the weight of the truck.

Looking to add our Kevlar bushings to your leaf springs but don't know your spring eye ID? Here is a quick way to find out without pulling apart your truck.
Measure the OD of the spring eye,
in this case 2"
Then measure the thickness of the leaf 1/4" on this truck.
Now subtract 2 Xs the thickness from the spring eye OD
2 x .25 = .5
2" - .5" = 1.5"
So this spring needs 1.5" bushings.
*Make sure to do this on each spring eye because they can be different

52" rear springs came in '67-'87 1/2 ton GM trucks, '69-'91 Blazers, most 1/2 ton '67-'91 Suburbans and rarely in '73-87 3/4 ton pickups. Most use 1.5" bushings at each spring eye, but the '88-91 Blazers and Suburbans could have 1.5" or metric (~1.7") spring eyes. 56" rear springs came in the rear of all '76-'91 K30's, most '67-'87 K20's, most 3/4 ton Suburbans and rarely in 1/2 ton Suburbans. Most use a 1-3/4" bushing at the front and a 1-1/2" bushing at the back, but we have seen sets that had 1-3/4" eyes at both ends and metric (~1.7") eyes at both ends. If the eyes are different sizes, they should be 1-3/4" and 1-1/2", if they're the same size you'll need to measure. 64" springs from an '88 and newer GM trucks have become a popular swap. The '88-'98 springs use a 43mm metric spring bushing at each end. At this point we do not have bushings for '99 and newer springs.
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