88-98 Solid Axle Conversion

Our solid axle conversion kit allows you to remove the stock independent front suspension from your '88-98 Chevy and replace it with a solid axle. 

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88-98 Solid Axle Conversion

If you're fed up with constantly replacing front end components, expensive lift kits, front axles that don't hold up to bigger tires or you just want the trail performance of a solid axle this kit is for you!

The Offroad Design Solid Axle Conversion kit uses aftermarket front springs for a '73-87 Chevy (47" long) or rear springs from a '73-87 Chevy 1/2 ton (52" long).

  • Bolt on installation, drilling holes required but we use all the existing holes that we can

  • We build Solid Axle Conversion kits for the 31.5"/32" spring pad width (70's Ford and all GM solid axles) and the 36.5" spring pad width ('85-97 Ford solid axles).  Click the "product info" tab for more information on axles that work with our kit. 

  • Works on 4WD or 2WD trucks.  3/4 and 1 ton 2WD trucks require significant frame modifications, See at the bottom of this page

  • There is 3" of lift built into our brackets.  For example, if you install a set of 4" lift '73-87 Chevy front springs you will net 7" of lift.

  • Using the stock rear springs from a '73-87 1/2 ton (52" long) on the front of your 88-98 Chevy will net 7-8" of lift.  This is the flexiest option, though the longer springs can create a clearance issue by reducing your approach angle and they are very soft so they aren't recommended for trucks that see a lot of street time. 

  • Our kit moves your front axle forward 1" (contrary to some competitors who claim to move the axle forward and actually move it back!).  This is done to clear bigger tires, big tires rub the rear of the fender more than the front so moving the axle forward a little is beneficial. 

  • Crossover steering is necessary with a solid axle conversion, steering off of the driver's side knuckle doesn't work at all.  We have what you need regardless of what axle you're using:

Dana 44/10 Bolt Crossover Steering

Dana 60 Crossover Steering


2wd Frame modifications:

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Front axles that work with our solid axle conversion

Factory '88-98 GM transfer cases

Retrofitting older passenger side drop transfer cases

What's the difference between the kits for "stock" springs and "aftermarket" springs

What modifications need to be done to 2WD 2500 and 3500 frames?

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