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Long Wheel Studs for 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Long Wheel Studs for 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Kit

10.5" FF 14 Bolt Full Float Disc Brake Conversion Kit

10.5" FF 14 Bolt Full Float Disc Brake Conversion Kit


This bracket kit makes it easy for you to eliminate the factory drum brakes from your Corporate 14 bolt full float rear. What does this do for you?

- Drop 50 pounds or more of weight from the rear axle

- Discs are self cleaning and durable in offroad conditions, no more worn out drums from running in mud sand or silt.

- Cheap and easy service of brake pads compared to the stock setup.

- Cheaper and easier to install than rebuilding the stock brakes.

Our bracket kit includes the caliper mounts, spacers and hardware that bolt to the factory 4 bolt brake backing plate flange on the stock housing.

Uses common GM calipers and rotors, click on the instructions at right for more info

Requires a flexible brakeline between the housing and caliper,

click here for options

Also see installation notes by clicking here


Some brake rotors have small pockets machined into the back of the rotor for the head of the stud to seat into. If the stud head will not fit into the rotor pocket, they can be ground to fit or turned on a lathe to fit. Not all rotors are machined the same so you may or may not have this problem.

This kit works with any single wheel GM Corporate 14 bolt full float axle with the drum secured BEHIND the wheel bearing hubs. This kit does not work if your drums slip off from the outside or with dual wheel axles.

Many 3/4T 14 bolts will have a wheel stud that's too short when used with the disc kit and some thicker center wheels. Most 1-ton axles have a longer wheel stud that's generally fine. If your studs are too short, use a 14 bolt dually stud and you'll have plenty of thread.

Most applications will require an adjustable proportioning valve to turn down the rear braking power to avoid rear brake lockup. Swapping to a larger front caliper will help this situation also.

GM used a larger piston front caliper in the heavy duty brake option or high GVW 3/4T trucks. This caliper bolts in just the same as the standard 1/2 and 3/4T calipers.


We set our brackets at the correct height, so you get full use of your brake pads. This also to prevent a ridge from forming like other manufactures brackets:

Disc brake

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