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Brakelines for Disc Brake Conversion

Brakelines for Disc Brake Conversion

Brake lock parking brake kit, rear

Mechanical ball valve parking brake kit.

Simply depress brake and turn ball valve to keep pressure in rear line.

Holds as much pressure as your stock braking system can make.

Also great for closing off fluid from rear lines in case of leak or wanting to do sick burnouts. 

Brakelines are 48" long.


Includes 1/2"-20 master cylinder fitting that fits the port for the rear brakes on the vast majority of GM truck master cylinders.

Includes stainless braided line to run from master cylinder to valve in cab, then another stainless braided line to run from valve back under the hood.  Includes fitting for 1/4" hardline (most GM truck rear hardlines are 1/4" OD) to tie stainless braided line back into hardline (flaring of hardline required).

Not intended to be a long-term parking brake but makes an excellent short-term parking brake.  Hold the brakes and turn the valve and the pressure stays trapped in the system holding the truck in place with however much power you held on the brakes.  Turn the valve back off and system function returns to normal.

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