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  1. Hydro Assist Tech

    Best Way to Setup Your Steering Gearbox For Hydo Assist

    Recently we were asked about the steering box end caps and why we don't offer a tapped one for hydro-assist. Since this is an often asked question we figured the answer could help a few others out as well!

    "I'm planning a hydro assist conversion using the part below (tapped end cap for steering gearbox), tapping the other hole for the system in the aluminum cap on the top of the steering box (there's a link in his description to a video on youtube where a guy does this on a jeep). If you made a part like that, I'd buy it from you. Is there a specific reason that you don't make that, or wouldn't recommend it?"

    On the hydro...
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  2. FOURWHEELERS article on a 72 K5 with coilovers and magnum 205!

    View orginal article HERE

    This Vintage 1972 K5 Blazer Has All the Right Hardware

    LS-Powered, 1-Ton K5

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  3. FOURWHEELER's article on Eddie Loomis's K5 blazer! Links, Magnum, and custom springs

    Original article can be found HERE


    This 1984 Chevy K5 Blazer Goes Anywhere, Almost

    Eddie Loomis brought his K5 to Hammertown, and check out what he’s done with the cargo area.

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  4. King of Hammers 2020

    King of Hammers 2020!

    Offroad Design is proud to annouce that we have two racing at KOH this year. We have Jackson Watson #171 racing in the King of Motos. Stephen Watson Co-Driving with Kevin Stearns in the #11 car for the 4400 race. This is the first year they are running the IFS car so should be really exciting! Like always the Magnum is going to be putting in work. To see more about the drivers bios click the link below:

    Jackson Watson

    Kevin Stearns/Stephen Watson


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  5. How do I get my truck to ride better?

    It’s common question with any truck and especially the older trucks we specialize in. 
    We always start with the basics, the suspension has to move to follow the road so you don’t have to. 
    • The first step is to make sure there isn’t an existing component limiting wheel travel. Seized up shocks, spring and shackle bushings and even seized driveshaft slip joints can keep the suspension from moving all together. 
    • Do the shocks have enough travel to let the suspension move? In general you need to have at least 3” of travel in each direction for good street ride and a little more helps. For offroad use, the more the better! 
    • Do the shocks have some resistance when you try to move them? Any dead spots or places they change as you move them indicate a problem. 
    • Make sure tires a
    • ...
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  6. Check Out our New Tech Center!

    Once upon a time (with our old site), our technical information was scattered among product descriptions. We've tried to get a little more organized and have moved most of the technical information to our new Tech Center! This is where you can get a solid knowledge base on a wide variety of topis and components, including transmissions, transfer cases, suspension, and much more! We'll be continually adding to our Tech Center, so be sure to check back often!

    You can check out the new Offroad Design Tech Center HERE...

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