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Jam Nuts

Jam Nuts

Custom offset draglink

Custom offset draglink

2-1/2" offset

Available in 7/8"-14 and 7/8"-18 in both LH and RH thread

The "ends being used" field needs to be specific if you're using tie rod ends, "1 ton Chevy tie rod ends" isn't specific enough.  We need part numbers or an exact application.

Custom offset draglink

We draw up and build custom draglinks, these use our "standard" 2-1/2" offset bend.  This is useful both for clearance to the engine crossmember and oil pan as well as taking angle off of the tie rod ends (or heims) vs. a straight draglink.

You’ll need a pitman arm mounted to your steering gearbox and a steering arm bolted to the passenger side knuckle.

Measurement from center of hole to center of hole, pitman arm to steering arm

Measurement from top of steering arm to ground

Measurement from bottom of pitman arm to ground

Which ends are being used? Heim joints, tie rod ends, draglink ends, etc. If you’re using heim joints, they need to use 7/8”-14 thread. If you’re using GM tie rod ends or draglink ends, we need a part number or application or we cannot fill your order. “1 ton GM tie rod ends” is not descriptive enough, there are several different varieties that are different lengths. If you’re using draglink or tie rod ends, they need to use a 7/8”-18 thread pitch.

Ends being used

Thread direction (i.e. RH thread on one end, LH on the other, RH at both ends, etc.)