73-91 GM 4WD High Clearance Engine Crossmember for Small Block Applications

73-91 GM 4WD High Clearance Engine Crossmember for Small Block Applications

'73-87 GM 4WD High Clearance Engine Crossmember for Big Block, 6.2L Diesel and Gen III/IV LS GM V8 Applications

Stiffens the frame, increased crossover/high steer clearance, eliminates weak factory crossmember.

Requires at least 2" suspension lift for clearance to front differential.

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The factory GM engine crossmember just doesn't do the job on anything more than a stock truck. They are notorious for cracking out, can get in the way of steering and suspension modifications and don't do much for the strength of the frame. We've solved these problems with our new HD Engine Crossmember.

We stiffen the frame by bracing the factory motor mount brackets to the crossmember and increase over-axle clearance by keeping the tubes tucked close to the motor and rearward of the factory crossmember's location. Prototyped and in service on our shop K5 (Wally) since 1998, it's now a full production item helping your truck perform better and last longer.

See fitment notes here, we also offer our engine crossmember together with our motor mounts at a discounted price, click here for more on that.

Installation requires drilling 3 holes in the bottom flange of the frame rail, otherwise it bolts in

Helpful for 2WD to 4WD conversions, but does not work with the 2WD suspension

Our crossmember does typically work with Gen III-V GM engine swaps, though oil pan details and engine placement do factor in. For most swaps you'll want our big block version. With aftermarket oil pans our small block crossmember can work. See options below.

The difference in the small block and big block versions are 3/4" more oil pan clearance with the big block version. A small block will fit with our big block crossmember with some extra room, but a big block typically won't work with the small block crossmember. Early small blocks with an aftermarket pan are typically safer using the big block version as well.

Our engine crossmember does not clear Cummins oil pans

Crossmember comes with necessary grade 8 bolts, pinchlock nuts, and hardened washers

Our engine crossmember can be installed with the engine in the truck but the factory crossmember will typically have to be cut to be removed

Allows easy access to motor mount bolts

Oil pan clearance will vary with motor mount type and condition, oil pan type, factory tolerances, etc. Best clearance is typically with our Competition Style motor mounts, #GU32001

When installing make sure the the center to center bolt spacing that is 26.75" should be facing towards the radiator. In other words the cross member taper should be narrower towards the front of the vehicle. 


On "LS" Applications the small block crossmember can be used to get more uptravel if you are using an aftermarket oil pan like this now discontinued Tilden Motorsports version. A good cast aluminum option is the Holley #302-2 LS swap pan.

People have asked what it takes to put one of these crossmembers in a 67-72 GM truck/SUV. By using the wedge shape "saddles" that the motor mounts bolt to on a 73-87(91) GM truck/SUV you can use our crossmember in the earlier frame. It does take some drilling/fitting to put them in. 

Here are some pictures of our crossmember in the earlier frame:


To help with deciding if the small block crossmember will work with your oil pan here are some measurements to check:

Small block crossmember is ~1-3/4” at front, 2-1/4” at back, from bottom of frame to top of tube.

For LS swaps using the Dirty Dingo “Slider” motor mounts there may be possible oil pan clearance issues with the stock truck style oil pan. A high clearance pan may be necessary.

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