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Competition Style Motor Mounts for 88-98 GM 4WD Truck

Competition Style Motor Mounts for 88-98 GM 4WD Truck

Competition Style Motor Mounts for '73 to '87 GM - Small Block or Big Block

Competition style motor mounts for '73 to '87 ('91) GM Fits gen I/II small block, big block or 6.2L/6.5L diesel

We are working with a second generation Kevlar reinforced polyurethane bushing material that is proving to be another step stronger and more durable.  At this time the new material is only available in the same grey color as our Kevlar tierod end boots.  For more information on bushing color, click here.


Competition style motor mounts for '73-87 K10/K20 pickup, '73-91 Blazer/Suburban and '76-91 K30/V30 pickup

Fits Gen I/II small block, big block and 6.2L/6.5L diesel. Will fit Gen III/IV/V GM V8 engines with the addition of part number GU32002.

Motor mount problems are becoming more common as our customers' trucks get used harder and these mounts are the solution to those problems. Many drivetrain breakage problems can be traced to bad drivetrain mounting and strong motor mounts are an essential part of the solution. We've seen lots of GM trucks on the trail and they show crazy amounts of motor movement with the stock mounts. Keep your motor where it's supposed to be with these HD mounts.

Description: Unbreakable, urethane bushed, two piece welded motor mount assemblies. This type of mount has been used for years by desert racers and other vehicle builders who are serious about strength and durability. The urethane bushings provide a near indestructible yet vibration absorbing cushion between the two motor mount halves. This kit has also been popular with the big block owners to keep the motor from settling onto the front crossmember.

Tech Notes:

Our mounts are now the same regardless of whether your truck came with a small block, big block or diesel.

Yes, they do transmit more vibration than the factory mount, the question is, is that a good tradeoff? The vibration is not objectionable to most people and the gains in strength, stiffness and durability are huge.

Installation difficulty will vary with these mounts, they're built like new GM mounts but don't have the "give" that a GM mount has so any frame misalignment can cause problems. That said, we've literally dropped them into trucks that we thought were totally thrashed.

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