4" Front Skyjacker Springs '67-'72 GM, pair

BDS Leaf Springs

BDS Leaf Springs

Rear Skyjacker Springs

The Skyjacker soft ride springs are a great setup for these trucks!

Some of the highlights include:

  • Bolt style spring clamps
  • Tapered leaves
  • Shot peened steel
  • Good wheel travel and flex!
  • Sold Per Pair
As low as $646.68
Rear Skyjacker Springs
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Skyjacker® Softride® leaf springs are individually shot-peened with hard steel pellets at very high velocities. This shot-peening compresses the surface of the steel thereby increasing the tensile strength of the spring. Without this shot-peening procedure, the maximum wheel travel and ride quality could not be achieved without sacrificing the life of the spring.

Softride® springs use ‘bolt’ style spring clips, eliminating friction. Other spring designs use the ‘cinch’ style bend clips which bend tightly over the spring leafs causing binding and friction. Skyjacker® Softride® springs are a tapered spring creating more flex at the leaf ends. This tapering distributes loads more evenly over a greater area and reduces the tendency for one leaf to dig into the leaf above it. Rear Softride® springs are used to complete the ‘SYSTEM’ in a Skyjacker® suspension lift.