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NP205 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

Eliminate the slip yoke output on your 205 or use this as an HD upgrade over the stock parts.  This kit contains an output shaftshaft with the upgraded oiling slots to get rid of that breaking point and our HD bearing retainer.  Uses the stock 32 spline yoke or flange.


A good number of 205's from 1980-'91 came with a slip yoke rear output shaft.  This kit converts your 205 to the more desirable fixed yoke system allowing you to run a variety of yoke or flange systems and putting the slip in the driveshaft instead of at the transfer case.  You also gain some driveshaft length which is very desirable in short wheelbase vehicles.

The stock 205 output isn't necessarily a fragile piece but for hard use, the stock oiling slot system creates a weak point and our HD shaft fixes that with a smaller hole and slot.


You'll need to choose a yoke or a CV flange from our "yokes/flanges" section to suit what you need to match your driveshaft configuration.