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Labor to Machine D44 RH Knuckle

Labor to Machine D44 RH Knuckle

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Please ship with all your contact information included and or a copy of your order.

Shipping address is:

Offroad Design

484 County Road 113

Carbondale, CO 81623


Offroad Design will machine your flat top style Dana 44 knuckle for crossover steering. Top of knuckle will be machined flat, and drilled/tapped 9/16"-18

The knuckle must be a flat top style, see descriptions below.

Return shipping will be calculated in the cart.

UPS, Fed Ex and USPS will all deliver to us. Make sure to pack and tape up the package securely! Include a note in the package with your name/number so we know who the knuckle is from.

Ball joints and spindle studs must be removed, knuckle must be clean.

We only need your passenger side knuckle.

Machined with a mirror image of the driver's side knuckle bolt pattern, these match ORD steering arms as well as everything we've seen in the aftermarket

The purchase covers the return shipping. It does not include shipping the knuckle to us

Turnaround time is typically 1-2 Weeks

Below are some pictures illustrating a flat top knuckle and non flat top knuckle

Flat on left 

flat vs non flat

Flat on right



Please note: Does not work with Drum knuckles. The spindle pattern puts the caliper into the steering arm:

Below are some pictures illustrating the differences between the Drum Brake Knuckle and Disc Brake Knuckle. Notice the rotation of the pattern where the spindle bolts up. That is the key difference.

Drum vs disc

Drum Knuckle


Disc Knuckle


strange knuckle

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