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700R4 to NP203 Kit

700R4 to NP203 Kit

SM465 to NP203 Kit Great for building a doubler

What you need to adapt a SM465 to a NP203

SM465 to NP203 Kit
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SM465/D300 adapter
SM465 32 spline short output shaft

The SM465 was available stock with a NP203 behind it. These are extremely rare to find, they were also 10 spline and very commonly found with the splines chewed up. There isn’t aftermarket reproductions available of the 10 spline input for the np203 or the sm465/203 adapter.

So, to get the two together we have this option:

This adapter has a different bolt pattern for the face of the NP203. The stock mounting holes need to be filled in and the new adapter pattern needs to be drilled/tapped into the face of the NP203. A tab needs to be made to hold down the idler shaft.
The result is a short combo with a strong 32 spline output/input!

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