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Shackle flip kit for '99-14 GM 6 lug truck, 4

Shackle flip kit for '99-14 GM 6 lug truck, 4" lift

8 Bolt Kit

8 Bolt Kit

Shackle Flip Kits for '73-91 GM Square Body Trucks

Lift the back of your truck with our shackle flip brackets!  Can be used alone or in addition to a lifted spring or block.

As low as $199.00
Shackle Flip Kits for '73-91 GM Square Body Trucks

As seen in Petersen’s 4WOR, 4X4 Power, and Turns the factory rear tension shackle into a compression shackle for 2 1/2 or 4 inches of lift without using blocks. Bolts to factory holes with Grade 8 hardware for a stronger than stock mounting system. We also carry stock length u-bolts for installations replacing lift blocks.

How many of you want to get rid of your rear blocks? Due to popular demand, we’ve developed this kit to eliminate rear blocks. They're also an inexpensive and effective way to lift the back of your truck.

Our brackets bolt to the frame in the factory spring hanger holes and "flip" your factory tension shackle over to a compression shackle. The kits give four inches of lift (we do have 2-1/2" lift versions for some applications) so they allow you to use stock springs for a 4" lift, 2 inch springs for a six inch lift and so on.

Eliminating lift blocks helps reduce axle wrap and using flatter springs gives better ride quality and suspension flexibility. This kit is extremely durable with fully welded, ¼" gusseted brackets and all grade 8 mounting hardware. We even moved the mounting point forward to give you a better shackle angle. That’s why the brackets don’t look "straight".

For online installation reviews check out these links:

Shackle flip install by

Shackle flip install by

Installation of the shackle flip kit requires removing the rivets from the factory frame brackets by air chisel, grinder, or your favorite other method. At that point, the holes are drilled to clear the bolts and the brackets are bolted on. This will most likely require removing the dropping the gas tank down on Blazers and Subs for access to the bolts. We've had good luck just hinging the tank on it's mounts so we don't have to disconnect the wires and hoses.

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