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'71-91 GM Stainless Braided Vehicle Brakeline Kits

'71-91 GM Stainless Braided Vehicle Brakeline Kits

Front Brakelines Only, Pair

Front Brakelines Only, Pair

'88-00 GMT400 Stainless Braided Vehicle Brakeline Kits

We've built layer upon layer of strength and protection into our all new, exclusive top-quality, DOT-approved extended braided stainless steel brake line kits!

They have a tough teflon tube at the core, but the next layer is a Kevlar braid, then an extra protection layer, the stainless braid, and then the protective outer vinyl cover.  The fittings are all one piece crimp fittings and lines are DOT spec! 

On top of all that, all lines are individually pressure tested when they're built so we know they're not going to leak. 

Our brake lines carry a 1 year warranty.

Includes two front brakelines (frame to caliper) and one rear brakeline (frame to rear differential w/"tee" built into end) along with new banjo bolts, copper washers, and mounting hardware.  Fits on to existing hard lines.


As low as $123.00
'88-00 GMT400 Vehicle Stainless Braided Brakeline Kits

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When figuring out your banjo bolt size make sure to measure the threads, it doesnt go off of the socket size


Instead of the standard Keyed fitting at the caliper end our kits use a banjo bolt that can be clocked in any direction. This way you can adjust for frame clearances

For the frame side we have jam nuts to give a strong solid hold.  Fitting size is 3/16" IF, 3/8"-24 RH thread.

Below are the ends for the rear brake lines. The T-fitting and frame clip. Fitting size at frame is 1/4" IF, 7/16"-24 RH thread.  Fitting size at differential is 3/16" IF, 3/8"-24 RH thread.


Banjo bolt sizing is based on the diameter of the thread on the bolt, NOT the size wrench that fits on the bolt. 1978 and older GM calipers use 7/16"-20 (fine thread) banjo bolts, regardless of whether it's a 10 bolt, Dana 44 or Dana 60. All kingpin Dodge Dana 60's use a 7/16"-20 banjo bolt. 1979 and newer GM calipers use 10mm-1.5 (coarse thread) banjo bolts. Ford Dana 60's use 3/8"-24 banjo bolts. Front lines are 3/16" IF at the frame side. Rear lines are 1/4" IF at the frame and use a 3/16" t-junction block at the differential cover.