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'81-91 K30 Rear Suspension Main Eye Hanger

'81-91 K30 Rear Suspension Main Eye Hanger


'81-91 K30 Rear Suspension Main Eye Hanger

Great for a HD replacement of your current hangers. 

Also works well when doing a 2wd to 4wd conversion on the C/30 frames. The 2wd hangers are higher up on the frame resulting in lower ride heights. This hanger can be used to match the ride height of a stock K30 frame. Just drill a few holes and bolt on!


Does not work with the K5, suburban, k10, k20, c10, or c20 frames. The spacing is incorrect. 

NOTE: Due to variations in proximity of the saddle fuel tanks to the stock main eye hanger you may have to either:

Loosen tank straps and slide tank towards the front of the truck some to clear new hangers


Fold over tank seam to fit hanger

Here are some typical problems we see on these trucks. From years of use the bushing sleeve starts to cut into the frame bracket leading to failure.



Below are some pictures showing the 2wd hangercompared to the 4wd one





Comes with hangers and bolt kit