700R4 spacer, 1-7/8 Inch with bolts

700R4 spacer, 1-7/8 Inch with bolts

700R4/4L60E Short output shaft

700R4/4L60E Short output shaft Replacement output shaft mimics TH350 output shaft, allows use of NP203 or NP205

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ORD's replacement output shaft for TH700R4 automatic transmissions makes the tail end of the 700 able to accept TH350 adapters for NP203 or NP205 transfer cases - and of course, our Doubler.

NP203 and NP205 transfer cases commonly came behind TH350 transmissions, but they never came behind 700R4's. The 700R4 shares the 27 spline output and 4 bolt pattern with the TH350 but it's output is about 2" longer. To adapt a 203 or 205 to a 700R4, you can install this shorter output shaft OR use this spacer. Once the length is taken care of the TH350 parts will bolt right up.

Installation requires pretty major surgery on the TH700, so you might want to plan the conversion around a tranny rebuild.

Also fits 4L60E.