67-91 GM Trucks High Steer System for a Kingpin Dana 60

67-91 GM Trucks High Steer System for a Kingpin Dana 60

01-10 GMT800 Kingpin Dana 60 Crossover Steering

01-10 GMT800 Kingpin Dana 60 Crossover Steering

'67-91 GM Truck/SUV Kingpin Dana 60 Crossover Steering

*** Installing this system requires a 2wd steering gear box***

Many trucks suffer from some serious steering problems, one of the biggest is due to poor geometry.  The factory steering will fail to steer the truck when you're in twisted offroad situations.  In fact, there are many times when the steering box is all the way to lock and the tires are pointed straight!

Our solution to this is a "crossover steering" system where the draglink runs side to side instead of front to back. This dramatically improves the steering geometry and makes turning to the axle stops possible under all conditions.

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Why do you need crossover steering?

What is needed for crossover steering?

Why use our crossover steering kit?

Steering Gear Box Information

What about my sway bar?

Information for 2-3” lifted trucks

Kit Contains:

Pitman Arm (This is the arm attached to the steering box shaft)


Steering Arm (These are the arms that attache to the steering knuckle on the axle, All right hand steering arms will have 2 holes so they can be upgraded to our High Steer conversion later if necessary.  All D60 arms are also drilled with the extra bolt hole to bolt on Reid Racing HD knuckles or factory GM, Ford and Dodge D60 knuckles.)


ARP Stud Kit (Set of 4 ARP High Strength, 190,000+ psi studs)


Draglink (This is the link that ties the pitman arm and steering arm together. We sell the tube threaded on each end with the ends installed)


Tie Rod Ends (1 LH, 1 RH with jam nuts and castle nuts.  These are a new HD end with angle capability similar to a GM draglink end but with the short strong shank of a tie rod end.

Our tie rod ends are manufactured specifically for us.  Factory GM draglink ends have good angle capacity, but have long shanks that can cause clearance issues.  Factory GM tie rod ends are nice and short, but have very little angle capacity.  Our ends are built with the best of both worlds, this is crucial in many applications (particularly 67-87 GM straight axle trucks) as many times the bend in the draglink has to start as soon as possible to clear the engine crossmember, the extra shank on draglink ends makes that impossible.

Additionally, our tie rod ends are a metal-on-metal design with a preload spring on the bearing race (sort of like the upper kingpin on a Dana 60), that helps keep the joint tight even as the parts wear.)

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