1" Zero Rate Add A Leaf Kit, 2-1/2" Wide

1" Zero Rate Add A Leaf Kit, 3" Wide

3" Wide 1" Zero Rate Add-a-leaf kit Adds 1" of lift. Axle location can stay in the same spot, or you can move the axle forward or backward 1" or 1-1/2".
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These short leaves are CNC machined solid steel with offset holes to allow you to move the axle 1" or 1.5" forward or backward from the spring pin location. You can also leave the axle right on the spring center pin if you like and only use them to raise the truck 1". The top corners are radiused to prevent stress risers in the spring pack.

Most Blazers and Suburbans sit low in the rear, and a lot of truck owners also want to relocate their axles forward or back a little for better fender clearance or for a bit more wheelbase and driveshaft length. This is the answer to both problems.

You're probably asking about the name. Well, we didn't want to call them blocks since they're really not a true block, they bolt to the spring pack just like another leaf. We didn't want to call them add a leaves since most people think add a leaves will stiffen the springs. So they're an add a leaf that won't stiffen the springs, they add "zero" to the rate.

Since these are a true bolt in leaf, they are safe to use on the front or rear suspension for extra ride height or to relocate the axle. To use the offset, you bolt the leaf to your spring using one of the offset holes and cut the center pin off to bolt into the leaf in the center hole. This will move your axle forward or backward 1" or 1.5" depending on which hole you use and which way you mount the leaf.

To mount the leaf centered on the spring, you simply run the full length center pin through the center hole of the leaf and through the pin hole in the spring pack.

The kit includes the machined "leaves" along with new center pins and bolts to install them.

You will have to drill a hole in the ubolt plate for the new offset spring pin location. You will also need to make sure your ubolts are long enough, you need to have 1" or more of extra thread to use the Zero Rate™ kit. ORD has ubolt kits available to accomodate the extra length if yours won't.

On front applications with crossover steering be aware that you will be losing clearance between the draglink and your RH spring. The full 1" from the offset Zero Rates™ could cause you problems there - make sure to check it out.

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