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Bolt-in Steering Box Brace Kit and Weld-in Frame Repair kit.

The straight axle GM trucks are notorious for frame cracks in the steering box mounting area.  This kit is designed to prevent that problem by eliminating the frame flex caused by increased steering loads like lifts, big tires and off-road use. 

The bolt-on (OK you do have to drill one hole) brackets triangulate the mounting area to stiffen it up before it breaks.  If the frame is already broken, you will need a weld-on repair kit before you install the brace. 

For hard use applications, we recommend using both the weld in kit and the bolt in Brace Kit, especially in 1/2T trucks and Blazers. "Hard use" could be defined as 37" and up tires in rock crawling or other demanding use.

Frame already broken? We highly recommend both the weld on frame repair (to fix the broken frame) as well as the bolt in steering box brace (to keep the frame from breaking in the future).

      Review of the ORD bolt in steering box brace

Review of the ORD weld in repair kit

**All of our steering box braces are sent unpainted, bare steel**



Part No.

Description Application Price Notes  


Bolt In
Steering Box Brace
’67-’72 GM Fullsize 4WD Trucks
$130 **This product has special fitment requirements, click here to make sure it will work for you** Instructions

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GU39001-2WD Bolt In
Steering Box Brace
'73-'87 ('91) GM Fullsize 2WD Trucks $115 For 2WD trucks only.

If you've swapped a 2WD box for crossover steering, you'll still need the 4WD steering box brace


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Bolt In
Steering Box Brace
’73-’80 GM Fullsize 4WD Trucks $130 - Instructions

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Bolt In
Steering Box Brace
’81-’87 (’91) GM Fullsize 4WD Trucks $130 - Instructions

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Part No.

Description Application Price Notes  


Frame Repair Kit
’73 to ‘87 (’91) GM Fullsize 4WD Trucks

**Can be made to fit 2WD and 67-72 Chevy trucks, see notes at right
$79 Our weld on frame repair kit can be fitted to '67-'72 Chevy trucks as well as 2WD '67-'87 Chevy trucks. 

The bolt patterns are the same and some of the contours in the frame are the same but not all.  Basically some heat/hammer work to reshape it a bit will allow this kit to work on '72 and older as well as 2WD '67-'87 ('91) Chevy trucks.

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Tech Notes:

  • Requires drilling one hole in the front crossmember, otherwise, this kit bolts on. Shown below are pictures of the GU39001-L kit installed on an '89 K5 Blazer:

          The main brace is shown above, the smaller brace is shown installed below.

  • The heavier duty trucks, ¾ ton and larger, have frames made of thicker material than the ½ tons and Blazers but this is not enough to prevent steering cracks. Large tires and even street or mild off-road driving can eventually crack the frames out. It’s much easier to prevent breakage now by installing the bolt in brace kit than it is to fix it later.

Notes on the 67-72 bolt-in steering box brace:

'72 and older with big block motor in the factory big block position may have interference between the crank pulley and box brace, you need approximately 3" from the crossmember to the pulley for the brace to fit.

There are several variations in the frame construction and in the front crossmember on the 67-72 Chevy trucks.  Our kit was designed around the frames that had an extra piece of metal riveted to the inside of the frame, like this:

If your frame does not have that extra piece of metal on the inside of the frame, our brace will work but you'll have to use spacers/washers:

There are two versions of the 67-72 crossmember at the front of the frame.  If you have this version, where the crossmember curves back towards the rear of the truck, our brace will work:

If you have this version, where the crossmember is straight, our brace will not work without modification:

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