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NP203/NP205 Doubler Kit

NP203/NP205 Doubler Kit

Labor to Machine NP205 Case for 90mm Input Bearing

Labor to Machine NP205 Case for 90mm Input Bearing.

Your bare NP205 case must be sent to us clean and oil-free.

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Bore 205 Case

Labor to machine NP205 case for 90mm input bearing. 

Your bare NP205 case must be sent to us clean and oil-free.

We run a tap through all of the threaded holes in the case. 

There are four clearance holes in the top and side of the case that were sealed from the factory with freeze or rubber plugs, because these are no longer available we drill/tap the case for pipe plugs in these locations.  This is the same prep work we do on an NP205 that we remanufacture.

We can machine the exact NP205 case that you send us but there is some additional lead time to do it that way as we machine them in batches.  We can also exchange your empty 205 case with one that's already been machined if you'd like to get it back sooner.

If we exchange your case, it may not be exactly the same as the one you sent us (i.e. may or may not have the threaded holes for the mount on the side, etc.).

Swapping transmissions?

Doing a Magnum underdrive or Doubler?

We can bore out your small bearing 80mm (found in 10, 27, and 23 spline cases) to the 90mm Large bearing (Found in 29, 31, and 32 spline cases).

After placing order ship us your clean bare case (nothing left except for the case). We will machine it for you and return.

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