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Complete Rear Coilover Conversion System for '67-87 ('91) GM Trucks With King Coilovers ORD Custom Valved

Complete Rear Coilover Conversion System for '67-87 ('91) GM Trucks With King Coilovers ORD Custom Valved

Complete Front Coilover Conversion System for '67-87 ('91) GM Trucks With King Shocks ORD Custom Valved

Brackets/Hardware 7-9 weeks out.

With shock shortages anticipate around 20+ weeks out. The kit can be installed without the shocks by using a piece of DOM as mockup.

Front Coilover Conversion System for 67-87 (91) GM Trucks-1

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When you’re ready to move beyond leaf springs, this is the way.  Our link and coilover system lets you enjoy big articulation, 14” of vertical wheel travel AND excellent steering precision and axle wrap control.  We have worked with every type of front suspension and this coilover conversion is the only one that does it all:

Outstanding ride quality over any terrain from gravel roads to rocks, sand, and whoops
Great articulation
Precise steering response under all conditions
No bumpsteer
Total axlewrap control
No approach angle limits
Excellent damping from the King 2.5" reservoir shocks
Easily adjustable spring rates and ride height
Lift heights available from near stock height up to 12"
With the addition of an optional sway bar, our coilover conversion also provides excellent street manners.  The best of both worlds!

Our default kit is based around a 2-1/2" King remote reservoir coilover shock but we do have many options beyond that!
We can do bigger shocks, internal and external bypasses, bumpstops, the sky is the limit! 

For the coilover conversion you need to have crossover steering and a high clearance engine crossmember. We have those available here:

Coilovers aren't just for hardcore offroad rigs, they work great on the street and even on tow rigs too! We spec out the brackets and shock valving based on your truck and use, so the system is tailored to your specific situation. The coilover ride great (spring rates are a fraction of leaf spring rates), have awesome shocks to control everything, and with no bump steer and a panhard bar keeping the axle located side/side, it's really the ultimate on the road too!

We can even spec coilovers for things like Cummins swaps and with air bags in the back, coilovers work great while towing! Even trucks that just do normal truck things drive, ride and work the best with coilovers!

For taller lifts that are mostly street oriented we recomend going with a shorter travel shock (10"). This helps keep body roll low and also makes shock mounting easier. 

Each shock with these kits is custom valved to work perfectly with your project.


After order we will give you a call to go over all the details of your build!

Note: When coilovers are purchased through us we will spec the valving and spring rates for you. If you are providing your own coilovers we do not give out spring rate or valving information. 

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