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Aluminum Tie Rod 1.5 Inch 7075 Solid Bar

Get Strength and Styling With Offroad Design Aluminum Tie Rods!


As low as $205.00
Aluminum Tie Rod 1.5 Inch Solid Bar

Compared to 1.5"x.250 tube these aluminum solid bar tie rods are stronger and can flex farther before bending. So perfect for bashing on rocks!

They are 11lbs lighter than our HD tie rods!


Not only are these tie rods strong but they look great too!


These tie rods are designed to work with our HD Tie rod ends, our ends are best in the business

They are a metal-on-metal design with a preload spring on the bearing race (sort of like the upper kingpin on a Dana 60), that helps keep the joint tight even as the parts wear. Many joints are built with a plastic race that don't hold up well, see the picture below. Additionally, the plastic ends don't appear to have a heat treat, our band saw flew right through them. Notice the appearance of the metal-on-metal end (at right), it was very difficult to cut due to the heat treat.

Also our ends come standard with our long lasting Gray Kevlar boots!