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Ford NP205 Twin Stick Shifter

Ford NP205 Twin Stick Shifter

Dodge NP205 Twin Stick Shifter

Dodge NP205 Twin Stick Shifter

NP205 Twin Stick Shifter, Floor Mount

GM/Dodge NP205 floor mount shifter.

Drivetrain swaps bring up unique shifter challenges and often the best solution is our floor mount system.  This allows you to keep the shifter out of the seats with long drivetrains, deal with rotated transfer cases or just get a shifter on a weird combo.  Floor mount shifters have a bad reputation but that reputation was based on factory systems that have detents or shifter stops built into the floor mount system.  This is why factory tranny and T-case shifters can pull the gearboxes out of gear when the body moves and the floor stops don’t.  Our shifter doesn’t have a stop on the floor side so the transfer case will never be pulled out of gear by body, frame and drivetrain movement.  This was our shifter choice for our Cousin Willard crew cab build to keep the shifters far enough forward to clear a bench seat and still get linkage to the 205 behind a 4L80 with our 203 Doubler system.

Current lead time is 5-7 weeks.


GM/Dodge NP205 floor mount shifter

Shifter handles pivot on a plate that bolts to the floor of the truck.

This a universal shifter, it's complete but will require some bending/modification to fit.


Cummins version uses a slightly different linkage layout to better clear the exhaust pipe

Multiple mounting holes allow you to move the pivot up and down to help match transfer case rotation and floor height

Universal length shift linkage allows you to place the shifter where you need it in the floor

Straight handles often work as is or can be bent to for extra clearance to whatever might be in the way or just to make them easier to reach.

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