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Rear U-Bolts, Square

Rear U-Bolts, Square

Rear U-Bolts, Round

Rear u-bolt kits, round.

6" of 5/8"-18 RH thread, you can cut off the ends if you have extra length.

Silver zinc plated.

Torque to 135 ft. lbs., check often.


As low as $45.00
Rear U-Bolts, Round

'98 and older GM 10 and 12 bolt rear axles use 3" axle tubes.

'99+ GM 10 bolts and most Dana 60 rear axles use 3-1/8" axle tubes.

Most GM 9.5" and 10.5" 14 bolts have 3-3/8" axle tubes, we use 3-1/2" u-bolts for those applications.

Dana 70, 80 and AAM 11.5" rear axle tube diameters vary, best to measure on those applications.