We are working with a second generation Kevlar reinforced polyurethane bushing material that is proving to be another step stronger and more durable.  At this time the new material is only available in the same grey color as our Kevlar tierod end boots.  Due to shortages in all our materials we are not able to offer most of our kits in all grey or all black for immediate shipment.  If we ship at regular in-stock timing you will receive a mix of grey and black and we have very limited control over what bushings are what color.  We understand some of you are working on some super good looking truck builds and we don’t mind a bit doing all we can to make our stuff match for you.  To help you keep it all looking matched up we are offering the option to hold your order and ship all black bushings as they are available.  This option will be a mix of our Kevlar bushings and regular polyurethane but the colors do match and will be all black.  Timing for the matching bushings option could be a few weeks in some cases.  Just click which option you like when you order and we’ll get you fixed up.

Stephen Watson
Offroad Design


Below is a picture of what the grey bushings look like: