Those of you who have seen us on the trails from Moab to Montrose to Farmington to the Rubicon know that we don't just sell 4x4 parts - we eat and breathe fullsize 4-wheeling!

And a lot of you ask what kind of rigs we drive and wheel.

So here's where we'll post pictures of our own 4x4s we're building and either 'wheeling now or will be when we FINALLY get 'em finished.

Here is the link to our photobucket page with about 200 buildup pictures of our UAK2500 Ultimate Adventure truck.  It's a '99 GMC2500 with a 454/NV4500/ORD Doubler for drivetrain feeding a D60 Ford front axle and a GM 14 bolt rear axle all riding on Goodyear's 40" MTR/Kevlar tires and TrailReady Beadlock wheels.  Click here to check out the pics!

Lots of you have been asking for some lower buck 'wheeling ideas, so... click HERE for a first look at our new Cheap Truck project we've just started.  And don't worry, it may be cheap, but it's no heap!Let us know what you think.      



Click HERE for buildup details on Project Burly 'Burb.  It's a sorta cross between a shop truck and a family camping rig now that there are 3 little kids in the mix.



Click HERE to see our crew cab "Cousin Willard" showing the little ol' fullsize trux what fer.



Click HERE for way-full details on "Wally's" never-ending buildup.



Check back soon and meanwhile check out our shop rigs in action by clicking ORD in the Mags, ORD on the Trail and ORD Racing.