Ubolt Reversal Kits

Turn This: (original upside down ubolts)

Into This: (Right side up type ubolts)

To prevent This: (corrosion caused by debris caught in original 1-Ton ubolt plate)

And to keep the u-bolts out of harms way or where they could hang up on trail obstacles!


Using THIS Kit:

Our ubolt reversal kit uses new extra heavy duty upper ubolt plates and new plated ubolts to convert your truck to the durable, offroad friendly round bottom setup for better ground clearance and less possibility of damaging the threads.

This is an ideal upgrade if you're already buying new u-bolts for a shackle flip, axle swap or other lift type change.
Available for 1/2T and 3/4T rear axles. (Corp 10/12 bolt are 1/2T (6 lug), Corp 14 bolt full float and semi float are 3/4T (8 lug))


The common 10 and 12 bolt rear axles found in 1/2 ton GM trucks use a 3" axle tube.  Dana 60 rear ends typically use 3-1/8" axle tubes, give us a call if you need u-bolts and plates for those.

The semi floating and full floating 14 bolt use 3-3/8" axle tubes and are found under 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.

We can also put together a kit if you have 3-1/2" or 4" tubes, give us a call at 970-945-7777

Part Number


#U8020 Fits 3" tube, includes bolts and plates, u-bolts are 10-1/2" long with 5" of thread,
for 2.5" wide spring
$87.00 Buy Now
#U8021 Fits 3-3/8" tube, includes bolts and plates (see note below for 1 ton trucks), u-bolts are 10-1/2" long with 5" of thread, for 2.5" wide spring $87.00 Buy Now
#U8022 Upper u-bolt plates only for 3" axle tube, for 2.5" wide spring $42.00 Buy Now
#U8023 Upper u-bolt plates only for 3-3/8" axle tube, for 2.5" wide spring $42.00 Buy Now


The 1/2T u-bolts in these kits are built to accept stock springs with no blocks, if you have blocks or other special circumstances requiring different u-bolts, let us know and we'll make sure we get bolts that fit.
The 3/4T u-bolts in these kits will accept a thicker spring pack and a 1" block or ORD Zero Rate Add a Leaf. For taller blocks call us and we'll make the bolts fit.

If you have a 1-ton GM truck with the 1-ton axle, you will need to have a lift that moves the springs down from the frame to create clearance for the ubolt plate. Examples of these lift types would be a shackle flip kit or a new deeper arch spring. A stock spring on a stock truck will have to retain the factory style ubolts because of tight clearance to the frame.

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