"I ran through a herd of elk at 55+ this morning, got some damage, but your bumper did far better than expected, seems as if it pushed the herd under the suburban for the most part, drove straight through them, no pull one way or the other, just through and over them... "

This bumper shows a slight twist from the wing being pushed back but is otherwise unharmed. The sub suffered a leaking radiator and the broken headlight you can see in the pic here. Two of the elk became steak. This is not a situation anyone wants to be in but if it's going to happen, this is the best possible outcome. We've seen some pretty gruesome damage from incidents like this.

The suburban itself is a pretty cool machine. It has a swapped in '93 5.9 cummins with the 618 overdrive trans and 205. Axles are the Dodge D60/D70 combo with 4.56's, Detroit in the rear, ARB in the front and 35 spline shafts all around. Lift is a beefed up Rancho 4" with 38" Nittos and some pretty heavy fender trimming. The owner is a geologist and commonly travels a LOT with the truck.

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