Blazer Soft Tops

A soft top weighs about 35lbs, your hard top weighs around 300lbs. Remove the rear window and lose even more. Leaving 300lbs in the driveway gives you a noticeable performance and climbing ability gain! Not to mention just being able to access you gear easily, and it's just plain fun! This kit snaps to a bed rail system, is quiet going down the road and allows the sides and back to be rolled up for open air ‘wheeling.

We now carry the Softopper brand tops for the K5 and pickup.  Softopper uses super durable material and good quality hardware to get you a top that will last.  The tops are made in the USA with 95%+ US made materials!

'69-72 K5 - $979     Instructions

'73-75 K5 - $859     Instructions

'76-91 K5 - $929     Instructions

K5 tops available in black, tan or grey.

Shipping runs $50 to most of the lower 48, call for other shipping options

Please call to order. 970-945-7777

Below are the window options, standard on top (no extra charge) and dark ($60 extra) on bottom

'76-'91 Soft top:

'69-'72 Soft top:


'73-75 Soft top:

Tech Notes:

  • These tops really are quiet going down the road. There is no flapping or snapping, in fact, the only real noise is from the lack of sound absorbing fiberglass!  Once the hardware is installed, it’s easy for one guy to remove and install the top.

  • Initial installation of these soft tops takes 1-2 hours. Having a friend helps.

  • For open air 'wheeling you can roll the sides and back up and secure them with the supplied straps, or lay the entire top down across the back of the bed.

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