Chrome Moly Front Axle Shafts

We carry a wide variety of Yukon 4340 axle shafts and kits!  We have all kinds of individual shafts as well as axle kits, complete with both 4340 chromoly inners, both 4340 chromoly stub shafts and a pair of Spicer universal joints or the Yukon Super Joints.  Keep in mind that full kits are cheaper than buying the parts individually!

We can also do custom length Dutchman 4340 shafts in import or domestic 4340!

We can also supply you with super strong CTM 300M alloy u-joints for your new HD chromoly shafts.  These super strong joints are precision machined top quality joints that are easily rebuilt for a lifetime of service.
CTM D44 size joint: $238.00/each.

All these axle shafts are forged and machined from high strength 4340 chromium-molybdenum alloy ("chrome moly") to create the strongest front axle option available for 1/2 and 3/4T front ends. They don't have the strength reducing taper near the splines like the factory shafts and the stub shafts are the largest possible diameter for the full length.

This extra material and the high strength alloy make these axles much stronger than stock. The u-joint ears are thicker than stock, specially heat treated, and cut for full circle snap rings to help eliminate failures in this area.

  • U-Joint Size:
    These axles use the factory size u-joint from the '73 and up model years. It's a Spicer 297 or comparable size. We've found the Spicer brand joints to be the best "normal" joint available, and we carry them in greasable and non-greasable versions. 


  • U-Joint Installation:
    We ship the shafts without the u-joint installed, you will need to press the joint in. The installation is a little different than usual just because of the full circle snaprings. You have to slide the snaprings over the cross before you put the cross in the yoke, then press in the cups and put the rings in the grooves.

    28 vs. 30 Spline:
    Most stock GM 10 bolt front axles are 28 spline.  Some Blazers and Suburbans from 89-91 may have factory 30 spline front ends.  The most common way to get a 30 spline front is to swap a 30 spline rear differential in the front housing.  We can supply the shafts with 30 splines on the diff end, and cut with the correct pressure angles to match the GM diff. However, the 28 spline axles are enough stronger than the 297 u-joint that they will not break.  Retaining the 28 spline diff leaves you with the ability to run common factory axles for spares.  The only real advantage to the 30 spline axles is if you run a much stronger ujoint, the 30 spline could have a real strength advantage over the 28 spline.

  • Non Stock or Custom Applications:
    We can get the HD shafts for just about any D44 or 10 bolt solid front axle.  We commonly work with the early Broncos, pre-73 GM's, and cut down full size axles.  The details we need to be able to work with you on custom shafts are the length of the shafts from the end of the splines to the center of the u-joint, and any application info you can give us.  If you are starting a custom axle housing, call us for info on available lengths of shafts.  If you can use a stock axle shaft, it could save you hundreds of dollars in custom work!

  • Warranty Details:
    10 Bolt and Dana 44 axle shafts are warrantied against breakage up to a 35" tire

    Most broken axle assembly we've ever seen: Note the break at the neck, missing ujoint cap, AND twisted splines. This is a lot of hard use all added up. Thanks to Steve Frisbie for providing us with a good example of breakage, and a chance to test our on trail axle swapping skills.

    Extreme Applications: We've had (and seen) good results with these shafts under hard use in full-sizes running up to 37" tires. Anything more than this, and you should expect to break parts more often.  Talented drivers may make 38's work, but that's really about it for hard 'wheeling.  Some wheelers make good use of the 1/2T axles in muddy terrain with larger tires, but adding rocks to the mix brings you back to the limit of about 36-38". 

    That 297 u-joint just isn't up to extreme use in heavy vehicles with large (38"+) tires.  You will break far less than if you use factory axles though.  These shafts will eliminate shaft failures, and the u-joint area holds up much better with the stiffer, stronger material around the joint.  We strongly recommend frequent u-joint changes if you use your vehicle hard with a factory type joint.  A CTM joint is highly recommended for maximum strength.

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