Extended Braided Stainless Brake Line Kits

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We've built layer upon layer of strength and protection into our all new, exclusive top-quality, DOT-approved extended braided stainless steel brake line kits!

They have a tough teflon tube at the core, but the next layer is a Kevlar braid, then an extra protection layer, the stainless braid, and then the protective outer vinyl cover.  The fittings are all one piece crimp fittings and lines are DOT spec! 

On top of all that, all lines are individually pressure tested when they're built so we know they're not going to leak.  Our brake lines carry a 1 year warranty.

These kits are designed especially for:

  •   Heavy-duty, lifted 4x4 applications -- front and rear

  •   We also carry lines for disc brake conversions


Nearly all GM and Dodge Dana 60's we've come across use 10mm banjo bolts, so if you don't know what year your D60 axle/calipers are, it's almost certainly 10mm.

Our brake lines work on most '67-'72 Chevy trucks as well, you'll have to make sure the outside diameter of the front hard line is 3/16".  If it is, our lines work.

Ford Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles ('97 and older) use 3/8" banjo bolts.  Our 10mm brake lines work but you'll need to re-use or source your own banjo bolts.

The banjo bolt size is the diameter of the threads, NOT the size of the wrench that fits on it.

Our brake lines are for '73-'98 Chevy fullsize trucks.  Front lines are 3/16" IF at the frame and banjo bolt size is listed below.  All of our rear lines are 1/4" IF at the frame and use a 3/16" t-junction block at the differential cover.

Vehicle Kits include: 2 front lines with DOT-approved banjo fittings and copper washers, 1 single rear drop line with T-fitting for mating to existing rear-axle hard lines, washers, and jam nuts.

Vehicle Year Front Caliper Year Lift Height Part # Front Line Length Rear Line Length Banjo Bolt Size Price  
'73-'87 ('91) '73-'78 3"-6" GU30071 25" 18" 7/16" $112 Buy Now
'73-'87 ('91) '73-'78 7"-10" GU30072 29" 22" 7/16" $119 Buy Now
'73-'87 ('91) '73-'78 12"-14" GU30073 33" 26" 7/16" $127 Buy Now
'73-'87 ('91) '79-'87 ('91) 3"-6" GU30011 25" 18" 10 mm $112 Buy Now
'73-'87 ('91) '79-'87 ('91) 7"-10" GU30012 29" 22" 10 mm $119 Buy Now
'73-'87 ('91) '79-'87 ('91) 12"-14" GU30013 33" 26" 10 mm $127 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '79-'87 ('91) 3"-6" GU40011 25" 22" 10 mm $116 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '79-'87 ('91) 7"-10" GU40012 29" 26" 10 mm $123 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '79-'87 ('91) 12"-15" GU40013 33" 30" 10 mm $131 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '73-'78 3"-6" GU40071 25" 22" 7/16" $116 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '73-'78 7"-10" GU40072 29" 26" 7/16" $123 Buy Now
'88-'98 w/SAS '73-'78 12"-15" GU40073 33" 30" 7/16" $131 Buy Now

We also carry brakelines for disc brake conversions, click here for more information.

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