How to Select Your PSC Steering Kit










Do I need hydro assist?

It depends on many factors, the most important being:

-Tire size – the bigger the tire, the more steering power you will need, this one is also affected by tire width, and wheel offset.  In general the wider the tire and the farther outboard it’s mounted, the more steering power will be needed.

-Vehicle weight – this one is also pretty straight forward, heavier trucks need more steering power.

-Intended use – Heavier offroad use will demand more steering power

-Locker - Installing a front locker will almost immediately have you looking for more steering power

For hard offroad use in a Blazer size vehicle, you generally want to start looking at hydro assist with around a 37” tire.  We’ve seen customers with hydro assist and 35” tires and for hardcore rock crawling, we can’t fault that decision.  Pretty much any fullsize truck will need hydro assist for offroad use when you get up to the 40” tire range.

Keep in mind that the hydro assist kit includes a new steering box so if you’re going to do the assist, it’s a good time to look at doing crossover steering also.  And there’s the fact that if you’re going to be offroading hard enough to use the assist, you need crossover anyway.

On the other hand, if you’re doing crossover, it’s a good time to consider installing a ported steering box (since the 67-87 Chevy's need to switch to a 2WD steering box anyway) if you think you might end up wanting hydro assist down the road.  That way, you won't have to buy another steering box and you can get the rest of the parts whenever you're ready. 

We also have ALL the rest of the steering beef you'll need: Dana 60 Crossover Steering, Dana 44/10Bolt Crossover Steering, HD Steering Linkage, HD Steering Knuckles, etc.  Check those out and call us at 970-945-7777 for further information.  We can answer any questions you have.

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