Crossmember Pictures

Here are some pictures of a custom Doubler crossmember built by one of our employees for a GM-GM Doubler with the 2" up rotation. It hangs between 1.5" and 2" below the '83 K5 frame with the 3/16" AR360 skidplate.

This shows the centered mounting on the adapter between the NP203 and TH350. This vehicle uses a TH350 to NP208 adapter with a re-drilled NP203. The single center mount lets the Doubler adapter and the motor mounts control all the torque while the single mount between the 203 and trans helps keep the drivetrain from bouncing and breaking. We HIGHLY recommend a heavy duty poly motor mount set, we keep 2 different styles in stock.

This is the piece that makes the high clearance setup work. It's shaped just like you see with the entire back plated in to make it stiffer. It uses a urethane mounting puck (available from ORD) on top and bottom of the mounting bracket. The bolts are either tightened into the adapter or running a locknut to allow a preload adjustment on the pucks. This 2 puck arrangement puts a little more "give" in the mounting system and spreads the load over more pucks.