Dana 60 Front Axle Parts

All parts are for kingpin Dana 60 front axles.  Part numbers listed are for GM front axles unless noted otherwise.  Parts for GM Ford, and Dodge axles are available even if they aren't listed, call for more info. 

Most GM, Ford, and Dodge D60 front axles use the same outer rebuild parts. There are variations in the spindles, knuckles, brakes and axle shafts but they're very similar in the kingpins, wheel bearings, u-joints, seals, etc.

All GM D60 front axles were kingpin style.

Ford front axles used kingpins until sometime in 1993, then they used ball joints.  1993-97 Ford Dana 60's use the same wheel bearings, u-joints, spindle seals/bearings, etc as any kingpin Dana 60.

Dodge D60's used kingpins through 1993, then switched to ball joints.  Early Dodge D60's used an external spline (bolt on type) locking hub but can be converted using our single wheel bearing hubs.

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Single Wheel Internal Style Hubs and Super Strong Reid Racing Knuckles
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D60 U-Bolt Plates:

GM Dana 60 front U-bolt Plates, 5/8" steel plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs #GU37052 - $49/pair    Buy Now

GM Dana 60 front U-bolt Plates, 5/8" steel plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs, with provision for 73-87 Chevy factory sway bar - #GU37052-Mts - $80/pair    Buy Now

Dodge Dana 60 U-Bolt Plates, 5/8" Steel Plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs #DU37054 - $49/pair  Buy Now

1997 and older front Ford Dana 60 U-bolt plates, 5/8" steel plate, requires the housing to be notched, for 2-1/2" wide springs #FU37053 - $49/pair Buy Now

**GM D60 plates shown, top picture is without sway bar mounts and bottom picture is with sway bar mounts**

D60 U-Bolt Kits:

GM Dana 60 front U-bolt kit, our kit is versatile and works with very thin and thick spring packs
$48 #GU37051
Buy Now

Dodge Dana 60 front u-bolt kit, (3) u-bolts and (2) bolts - $48 #DU37055     Buy Now

1997 and older Ford D60 U-bolt kit, round U-bolts with nuts on top using our U-bolt plates
$48 #FU37056
  Buy Now

**GM D60 U-bolt kit shown**

D60 Lockers:

D60 ARB Air Locker, 4.10 and down - $1107  Buy Now   **Comes with free HD line kit **

D60 ARB Air Locker, 4.56 and up - $1107  Buy Now **Comes with free HD line kit **

HD Air Line Kit

Click here for ARB compressors, air-up kits, accessories, etc!

Crane Hi Clearance front Dana 60 differential cover.  Made in the US from chromoly steel, lifetime warranty!
$189 - On backorder

Ring and Pinion Sets:

R&P sets available from Yukon, USA Standard and others for standard rotation D60 from 3.54 - 7.17 
*Call us at 970-945-7777*

R&P sets available from Yukon, USA Standard and others for high pinion D60 from 3.54 - 5.38 
*Call us at 970-945-7777*

We also carry Yukon and USA Standard master installation kits for all Dana 60's, call us at 970-945-7777

Axle Shafts:

Spicer/factory alloy axle shafts for just about any application, *Call us at 970-945-7777*

Yukon 4340 chromoly axle shafts (lifetime warranty) available for just about any application
*Call us at 970-945-7777*

Custom Cut D60 axles:

Import 4340 alloy D60 front inners up to 38" long: $395 per pair
 Domestic 4340 alloy D60 front inners up to 37" long: $565 per pair

D60 Stub shafts:

Yukon 4340 Chromoly GM/Dodge 35 spline stub shaft: $139   
Buy Now
Yukon 4340 Chromoly Ford 35 spline D60 stub shaft: $139   
Buy Now

*NOTE* 35 spline stub shafts are a direct swap into kingpin D60 housings, you will need 35 spline locking hubs or drive flanges to match them.  Click here for 35 spline locking hubs and drive flanges.

Axle U-Joints:

Dana 60 Greasable Spicer Axle U-Joint #5-733X - $69.00    Buy Now
Dana 60 Non Greasable Spicer Axle U-Joint #5-806X - $54.00   
Buy Now

Yukon 4340 chromoly Super Joints w/grease gun.  No needles in the cap mean a bigger cross, made from a very strong heat treated 4340 chromoly alloy - $514/pair

CTM 300M alloy u-joint, best of the best, rebuildable, strongest axle u-joint available! - $323.00/each


D60 Rebuild Parts:

Spindle Bearing and Seal kit - $31   
Buy Now
(one side only, includes spindle lip seals and spindle needle bearing)

Timken wheel bearing kit - $49    Buy Now
(one side only, inner and outer bearing and race and a hub seal)


Standard kingpin rebuild kit, one side only.  This kit includes the most common parts that need replacement, includes lower bearing/race, lower seal, upper spring/bushing/washer and seal.  Gaskets not included as we use silicone but are available on request. - $75  Buy Now


Master kingpin rebuild kit, everything to rebuild the kingpins except the lower plate (available separately).  One side only - $114    Buy Now


Kingpin spring and bushing kit - $35    Buy Now
(does both sides, replacement springs, bushings and washers for the top of the knuckle)

Kingpin spring eliminator kit.  The urethane block replaces the spring so there is still a little give in the system but with nothing to wear out!  Instructions included - $60    Buy Now


Reid Racing bronze kingpin bushings.  The end of broken plastic kingpin bushings! - $159    Buy Now


Spindle nut kit - $22.00 one side only, OEM pin and plate style    Buy Now

Dana 60 upper kingpin cap - $15  Buy Now


Dana 60 Lower Kingpin Cap - $38/each  Buy Now

Never deal with loose spindle nuts again! - Stage 8 spindle nuts - $59/side   
Buy Now

GM D60 spindle, spindle bearing and seals included  $171.00 each    Buy Now

Dana 60 outer axle seals.  The factory didn't use seals at the ends of the tubes and that lets them get full of mud, dirt and water.  These keep all of the trash out of your axle and protect the shafts and inner axle seals.  There isn't a seal surface on the axle shaft so these fit super snug and you pack the seal with grease.  $35/each - GU5117   Buy Now

Dana 60 inner axle seals.  Not the cheesy seals from the parts store that don't have the bells to guide the shaft in, these are the right part for the job.
$9/each - GU5114   Buy Now

Single Wheel Internal Style Hubs and Super Strong Reid Racing Knuckles:

GM Single Rear Wheel hubs:
-used to convert from dual wheel hubs to single wheel on GM and Dodge
-also useful for converting old style Dodge bolt on hub to newer internal style.
-All parts interchange between SRW and DRW hubs, the rotors much be drilled slightly larger to accept a press fit wheel stud.

Brand new GM single wheel hub assembly, includes hub, rotor, studs and wheel bearing races (the wheel bearings themselves are available separately) - $297 each   
Buy Now

GM single wheel 8 lug wheel bearing hub
$229.00 each for hub only   
Buy Now

Reid Racing / Dedenbear heavy duty replacement steering knuckles:
GM: $299 each
Ford: $329 each

Locking Hubs and Drive Flanges:

Warn Premium 30 spline locking hubs - $249/pair   Buy Now

Offroad Design 35 spline Dana 60 drive flanges, these are built so that you can remove the gear and reinstall the cap.  They come with our logo engraved in them, anodized in black  $250/pair 
Buy Now


Finally a super stout locking hub!  These Yukon locking hubs are similar in design to the OE Spicer hubs but come in a 35 spline variety.  Chromoly internals and they default to lock under power, these won't leave you stranded! $335/pair  Buy Now


1350 Pinion yoke for D60/D70, U-bolt style, includes U-bolts/washers/nuts, forged, made in the US
Buy Now

1410 Pinion yoke for D60/D70 U-bolt style, includes U-bolts/washers/nuts, forged, made in the US
Buy Now


Dana 60 yoke install kit, new pinion nut, washer and seal.
$15  Buy Now

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