Custom rotations and Hybrid applications

Many customers are less than thrilled about how far the NP205 hangs down in the factory configuration.  Our solution to this problem is to simply rotate the 205 up when we machine the Doubler™ adapter.  We can rotate the 205 anywhere you want it, but the most common options are: 2" up (this makes the bottom of the 205 level with the bottom of the 203), and totally flat (this makes the output shafts on the 205 level and maximizes ground clearance under the center of the vehicle).  The pic of the GM adapter on our catalog page has a 2" rotation, and you can note that the 205 plate lookes a little "twisted".  This is the same adapter shown in the assembled picture at the top of the page.
Things you have to be careful of when clocking the 205 up are mostly driveshaft related.  You do of course have to clear your floorboards with the case itself.  Make sure you'll have enough driveshaft angularity to work with a rotated application, it's much more important to have a functional front driveshaft than to have maximum center clearance under the vehicle.  Don't get sucked into problems because you're wanting something that just looks really cool.

Here are some shots of some of our custom rotations:  You'll have to be a little patient, we loaded large pictures to show good detail. If you want to blow these up you should be able to.


This is a GM 203 turned flat with a GM 205 turned flat.  This will require some shifter mods for max clearance, but it's not too hard to do.  Front view is above, rear view is below.  Notice the shifter shaft on the NP203 is on the bottom.  This will be a potential leak point, so you could lose a bit of gear oil in this location.

We also have many customers who are working on custom rigs that require mixing and matching different brands of drivetrain parts.  To help accommodate this, we can put either a Ford or GM 205 behind any Ford, GM, or Dodge 203. This way you can run a Ford high pinion front axle in a vehicle with a GM motor and transmission.  Or, if you have a Ford and want or need to run a GM axle in it, we can do that too. The kit below is a GM 203 with a Ford 205, this is the one in our shop K5 with a Teraflex high pinion D60 on the driver's side.

Below is our newest billet aluminum version of the GM203 to Ford 205 flat Doubler. This unit is installed in a family member's tube chassis buggy, "MiniWally".  This unit is machined with multiple flat faces on the main plate area of the adapter for different mounting techniques.  This particular adapter is supended in the chassis.

Or, if you have a Ford and want or need to run a GM axle in it, we can do that too. The truck shown below is using a 460/C6/Ford203/GM205 combo to reliably push 42" swampers. You'll notice the front diff is on the right hand side of a Ford. Some think it's sacreligious, we think it's way better than the stock Ford D44! Let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we'll do what we can to figure out a solution for you.

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