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Just a quick note on application listings in our catalog.  GM changed their fullsize trucks to independent front suspension in the 1988 model year.  The Blazer (K5), Suburban, and heavy duties such as crewcabs and cab and chassis trucks kept the straight axle until the 1992 model year when everything from GM became IFS.  Most of our parts are exactly the same for all of the straight axle trucks.  If it's listed for a "'73 to '87 ('91)" this indicates that it fits up to '91 on the straight axle vehicles.  That's part of the beauty of the GM straight axles, they're very interchangeable for nearly 20 model years!

Tech Section

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Dana 60 Crossover Steering

Dana 60 Crossover and High Steer

Dana 44 and Corporate 10 bolt Crossover Steering

Dana 44 and Corporate 10 bolt Crossover and High Steer

Bolt-In Steering Box Brace Kit and Weld In Frame Repair Kit

Steering Correction for Stock Type GM Steering, 3"+ Lift

Steering, Too

PSC Hydro Assist, Full Hydraulic Steering and Rebuilt Steering Boxes

Heavy Duty Steering Linkage: Super Tough Tie Rods and Draglinks

Reid Racing HD Steering Knuckles for 10 Bolt, D44 and D60

Complete lift systems for '73-'87 ('91) GM trucks

NEW! Offroad Design Custom Leaf Springs

2" Lift System

3" Lift System

4" Lift System

6" Lift System

8" Lift System

12" Lift System


Complete IFS lift systems

4-6" Lift Systems For '88-'98 Six-Lug GM Truck

4-6" Lift Systems For '88-'97 Eight-Lug GM Truck

Front suspension components

NEW! Front Coilover Conversion Kit

NEW! 88-98 (and newer trucks with that body style)
Solid Axle Conversion

NEW! Offroad Design Custom Leaf Springs

Heavy Duty Greasable Front Shackles

Dodge Dana 60 Swap Kit

Front Upper Shackle Hanger Kit (FUSH)

Swaybar Correction/Disconnect™ Kit

Swaybar Bushing Kits

Tuff Country Suspension



1" Zero Rate Add a Leaves

Competition Style Bumpstops

Axle Shims

Rear suspension components

Shackle Flip™ Kit For ‘67-Up GM

HD Rear Super Shackles

Greasable Rear Suspension Bushings

Competition Style Bumpstops

U-Bolt Reversal Kits - Correct "Upside Down" Square Type

1" Zero Rate Add a Leaves

Tuff Country Suspension     



Rear Traction Bar

NEW! '92-'99 1500 Suburban
Rear Spring Hanger Drop Brackets

Axle Shims

front axle

Chrome Moly D44/10 Bolt Front Axle Shafts

D60 Kingpin Spring and Bushing Kit

D60 U-Bolts and U-Bolt Plates

D60 Rebuild and Repair Parts

Dana 60 Axle Beef-Up, HD Shafts, U-Joints, Knuckles, Yokes, Hubs/Flanges, etc

rear axle


High Strength Rear Shafts For 10 Bolt, 12 Bolt, and 14FF or 14SF

14 Bolt Rebuild and Repair Parts, Gears, Lockers, Bearings, Special Hub Seals, etc

Weld on Spring Perches for Corp 14 Bolt or Others With 3.375 or 3.5" Tubes

beadlock wheels

Trail Ready
Aluminum Beadlock Wheels


Extended Braided Stainless Brakeline Kits

14 Bolt FF Rear Disc Brake Brackets.

Braided Stainless Brakeline Kits For Disc Brake Conversion


Competition Style Motor Mounts

High Clearance HD Engine Crossmember


New Short Output Shaft for TH700R4, to Mimic TH350 Allowing Use of an NP203 or NP205

Spacer for 700R4 to Allow Use of NP203 or NP205

SM465 Adapter Spacer, to Mount Late 32 spline SM465 to Figure 8 NP205

Short 32 Spline Output Shaft for SM465 and Matching Adapter

Driveshaft U-Joints

transfer case

NEW! Magnum Box Planetary Underdrive

Dual Transfer Case System

Complete NP205 Transfer Cases and NP203 Range Boxes

NP203 and NP205 Parts

Transfer Case Adapter Housings

NEW! 6 Bolt Clocking Rings, Rotate Your Transfer Case Up or Down

Transfer Case Mounts

Transfer Case Shifters for NP203 and NP205, Twin Stick and Triple Stick


body/cab protection
Tubular Front Winch Bumpers

NEW! Tubular Rear Bumpers

Blazer Soft Tops

1" Body Lift Kit

 Body Mounts

NEW! Tube Doors for '73-'87 ('91) GM trucks

fabrication parts

Bushing Assemblies, Mounting Tabs, Heims, etc.

recovery equipment

Pull Pal Portable Winch Anchor

Power Tank Portable Air Systems


Ultimate Adventure DVD's



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