The Offroad Design Yard Sale Page

This is where we'll be selling miscellaneous truck parts and other various items left over from our projects, customer's projects, salvage vehicles, etc.

Good used Dodge D60 knuckles, interchangeable with GM knuckles with a higher tie rod location - $150/each
Good used D60 open carrier, no spider gears, 4.10 and down - $40
Good used TH400 output shaft, sticks out ~2.5" once installed - $110
Good used high pinion D60 4.10 ring and pinion only - $100
Good used high pinion D60 3.54 ring and pinion only - $50
Good used 30 spline Dana 60 locking hubs - $100
Good used factory Ford D60 steering arm - $30

Good used SM465/NP203 adapter housing - $295
Good used SM465/fig 8 NP205 adapter housing - $125


2 - 35" BFG Baja desert tires, one brand new, one used but good condition, on alum. wheels, 5 on 5.5 pattern and spot faced for flat lug nuts.  $200/ea.

10 - 37-12.50-17 Nitto Desert Grappler purpose built desert race tire.  All in good condition, they were run on a 4wd car with about 210hp so they're not chunked up at all.


Tera 50 front axle. Has Tera high pinion D44 center section on RH side, ball joint D60 outers with 30 spline shafts and locking hubs, D44 30 spline ARB with 5.13's, full width (69" or so), steering arms on both knuckles, 8 on 6.5, perches welded to GM width. Knuckles are Tera knuckles so any D44 pattern steering arm can be easily bolted to them. $2000.